Focus less on the acceptance criteria

As testers, we absolutely need to focus less on the acceptance criteria. I recently watched/listened to Nicola Lindgrens chat with Ben Dowen (above), discussing testing beyond requirements. Needless to say, it struck so many chords with me. I was going to tweet about it, but thought, I have too much to say about this. 👀👀 […]

How to nail your Software Testing interview

Clearly, the ability to test is important when going for a testing role, but what else is important? And perhaps more importantly, how can you demonstrate it during the recruitment process so that you absolutely nail your Software Testing interview? Now, most people love a good mnemonic, and all people love good testers. Here I’m […]

Why “Safety Language” is so important in Software Testing

I’ve tested everything, there are no bugs 🐛🐛 Safety Language is so important in Software Testing. As testers, before getting ready for release we may get asked “Have you tested everything? Are there any bugs?” Or questions along these lines. Rightly but perhaps more wrongly, people look to us as testers for reassurances, and sometimes […]