Testing Tales with Lee Marshall aka The Pirate Tester

Quality Advocates – That’s Not My Job

Conversation with Bas Djikstra – Unit Tests and why we should care about them?

Ministry of Testing London Meetup – There’s no U in Coach

TestBash Brighton 2019 – Practicalities of Building Communities @ Scale (with Lindsay Strydom)

Me speaking @ Testbash UK – 2019

Available at the Ministry of Testing (Pro License required) here.

Belgrade Test Conference – Starting with the End in Mind : One teams journey to Continuous Integration

Unfortunately this talk isn’t available online anywhere, although it is similar to the QA Roundabout #1 below.

QE Roundabout #4 – Testing Mindset in a Microservice World

QE Roundabout #1 – Automating the Architecture

99 Second Talk – Stickman Tester

Available on the Ministry of Testing site here.

99 Second Talk – Checking & Testing

Also available on the Ministry of Testing site here.