My Family. Me, my wife, my son and daughter

My Journey

I’ve been in the Software Engineering field for over 15 years. I started out at a consultancy, Testhouse, and worked on a variety of projects in a number of different industries (aviation, finance, insurance) and gained what I always likened to 10 years experience squashed into 2 years!

At the time, my wife and I had just purchased a house, and I was spending more time away from home than I was at home, so I wanted to find something closer to home, and that’s when ASOS came calling.

During my time at ASOS, I really began to become skilled in the craft that is Testing. I was working with like-minded individuals, who all had a passion for quality and testing.

I’ve interviewed well over 500 people for various levels of roles, I’ve hired a large number who have all been hugely successful and gone on to have great careers in testing and software engineering. I’ve defined testing standards and worked in teams to deliver high quality software, helped coach teams around what good testing looks like and worked with the wider community to provide opportunities for others to present and encourage knowledge sharing around testing and quality.

I then went back to my roots, and worked at another consultancy, Inspired Testing, the UK arm of an international consultancy, primarily based in South Africa, but with big plans to grow and develop their UK business. During this time I worked with global clients, law-firms, ecommerce, financial business on their functional and non-functional testing.

After a year with Inspired, I realised that I really enjoyed working and developing people, and I’ll be honest, I missed the people of ASOS and building long term relationships with them, and came back to ASOS as an Engineering Manager. This role was all about developing people, working with them and helping them in their career, you can read all about it here. During my time as an Engineering Manager, I helped define the role, I created a competency framework that helped Engineering Managers grow and develop, identified training and learning materials to help them on their journey. It was as part of the creation of a Blazor Web App for the competency framework that made me realise I missed the development, the software engineering side of things, and as a result, I decided to get back in to testing, and as such, you’ll now find me as a Principal Test Engineer at ASOS, where my role is all about helping people and teams overcome testing challenges.